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👋 Hello I'm Antonio

A proud husband and father of 2, a software engineering leader, founder of Wawandco and Co-founder of SymbolSecurity. I’m also passionate about sports. I used to play volleyball, beach volleyball and baseball. I still follow some of my local teams, and try to keep myself connected with the world of sports.



I’m a software engineering leader with more than 15 years of experience designing and developing software solutions for established companies and startups. I have had the pleasure of seeing my career evolve from being a junior contributor to leading small teams and then leading large multidisciplinary teams of contributors. During my experience I have worked on challenges with company sizes of all sizes, using a variety of tools and technologies. My objective is always to quickly deliver value and focus on the scalability of the products I build.


Symbol Security

I’m co-founder of Symbol Security, a cyber security SaaS company focused on raising Cyber awareness within organizations. We do this through a holistic and proprietary method of identifying risks and vulnerabilities within organizations human factors and then offer solutions to mitigate those risks through training and tools. To learn more about Symbol Security you can take a look at symbolsecurity.com.


I’m the founder of Wawandco, a web development company based in Barranquilla, Colombia that mostly serves the US and European markets. Wawandco is a software partner for growing businesses. At Wawandco we focus on providing software development teams that are highly efficient and deeply focused on delivering value to our customers. To learn more about Wawandco you can get to know more by visiting our website.

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